About Us


Aries Biomed Technology was founded in 2015 to become an Indigenous design, development & manufacturing company with outstanding quality critical care products. We are the first Indian company to manufacture unique products like biomedical testing and validation & Oxygen Conservation Device. Our developed products gained us a great recognition for its precision profiles, portable operations, effective testing and validation, smooth operation and corrosion free life span.


Aries Biomed Technology Pvt. Ltd was born from the expertise of biomedical personnel specialize in the design and manufacturing of respiratory products. With expertise in medical device domain With expertise in medical device domain, we have developed innovative and efficient critical care systems and monitors. Our teams are highly qualified and come mainly from the biomedical and electronics industry.


“Creating a healthier future”
Our vision is to benefit every user with a reliable, user friendly, portable and
functionality-rich products and kits. We strive to offer value added solutions best
suited for the clinical and industry needs.


To specialize in the development, manufacturing and marketing of products for
Critical Care and Biomedical Test gadgets. Constantly strive to offer advanced
technology products that provide the best solution for point of care and validation.