Flow Analyzer - Basic

Flow Analyzer

ARIES Flow Analyzer is a reliable companion for biomedical engineers to test, validate and calibrate medical devices that deliver AIR/O2, PEAK AIR/O2, Inspiratory Tidal Voume-AIR/O2, Expiratory Tidal Volume-AIR/O2, Pressure, PIP, PEEP, Temperature, Altitude, Pressure and Humidity. ATP/BTPS calibrated.


  • Calibrated for O2 and AIR mass flow separately and internal flow laminization.
  • Switch between Peak Flow and Instantaneous Mass Flow measurement Wireless data transfer to mobile to monitor and validate flow paramaters and waveforms in App.
  • Internally compensated for Altitude/Temperature and Humidity (ATP).
  • Expiratory tidal volume.
  • High speed Bi Directional Sensor with Accuracy 1.5% m.v.
  • Rechargeable in built battery for 6 hrs of remote use.
  • Manufactured according to ISO 13485 : 2016
  • Supports with Bluetooth Version BLE 4.1


Flow range
  • 0 to 250 Lpm.
Flow Accuracy
  • 1.5 % overall.
Flow Response Time
  • 10ms.
Operating Mode
  • AIR, O2.
  • 3.7V, 6hrs operation at full charge.
Monitoring parameters
  • Air & Oxygen Mode (ATP & BTPS)
  • Flow Parameters
    • Peak air flow.
    • Inspiratory tidal volume..
    • Expiratory tidal volume.
    • Inspiratory time(Tinp).
    • Expiratory time(Texp).
  • Pressure Parameters
    • Pressure.
    • PIP.
    • PEEP.
    • Minute volume(ml).
    • RR.
    • I.E Ratio.
Tube Diameter
  • 22mm ISO.
  • 160 grams.

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  • Hospital and Biomedical.
  • Field service and calibration.
  • Biomedical Laboratory.
  • Biomedical Research& Development.
  • Quality assurance& Product testing.
  • Metrology.