O2Max Venturi

High Flow CPAP Device

Aries O2Max Venturi breathing aid is a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device. This device helps patients with breathing difficulties. It pushes air, containing oxygen, into the mouth and nose at a continuous pressure, keeping airways open, that increases the amount of oxygen entering the bloodstream. It allows patients to breathe easily, especially the ones with severe respiratory problems. Although, its use does not replace invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV), but early application may provide a bridge to IMV.

This device will enable healthcare systems around the country to provide respiratory support to patients,under scheduled observations.


  • HFCPAP helps patients with breathing difficulties.
  • Can provide oxygen concentration of 30-95%, or as recommended by physicians.
  • Oxygen monitor is dictated by the rating of the PEEP valve on the patient's mask..
  • Compact, portable, lightweight and sturdy..
  • Simple to handle, Easy to disinfect.
  • It Conserves Oxygen.
  • Operates without Power Supply.


Operating range
Ambient temperature 0-40˚C
Humidity 0-95% (RH)
Oxygen Fraction, FiO2% 21-100%
CPAP (PEEP valve) 5-20cmH2O
Moniter Specifications
FiO2 Accuracy ±1% overall, No calibration needed
Response time 1 sec - 3 sec point averaging
Flow Range 0 to 200 lpm
Accuracy +/- 2% overall
Battery backup 10 hrs

Dimension (without packing)
  • HxWxD : 158x141x48mm (Approx.)
  • Mass : 450gm (Approx.)
Risk classification
  • Category : Class B
Oxygen outlet connection
  • 22mm male taper (BS 4356:2015).
Oxygen supply pressure
  • 4 +/- 0.25 bars
Oxygen inlet connection
  • Schrader male probe (BS 5682:2015)


  • ICU’s - Ambulance Care - Home Care..
  • To be strictly used with oxygen monitor / analyser.


  • Helps patients to breathe more easily and steadily. Can restore normal sleep pattern and increase overall sleep time.
  • CPAP is a possible alternative, while addressing the shortage of ventilators, to support patients with breathing difficulties, provided appropriate monitoring is done, and depending on patient's condition.

Suggested Initial CPAP settings: PEEP 5-10 cmH2O + 60% oxygen (FiO2 ) targeting SpO2 of 88 – 92% via pulse oximeter. After the CPAP is applied, the patient should be reviewed over 30-60 minutes. If the patient responds positively, close observation and monitoring must continue for a further six hours to ensure no decline occurs, with careful monitoring continuing thereafter.