O2Max Venturi +

High Flow Oxygen Conservative Device

Aries O2 Max Venturi Plus is a simple device to save oxygen and increase flow of oxygen into patient blood stream.

  • Compatible to any oxygen cylinder at Ambulance, ICU, Home Care and Covid Wards.
  • Compatible to oxygen lines provided at hospital ICU/wards.
  • Compatible to Oxygen Concentrators.


  • No power supply required for flow generation.
  • Conserves oxygen usage by Bernoulli’s Venturi principle.
  • TFT colour monitor with touch screen.
  • Monitors multiple parameters such as SpO2%, Heart Rate, Pressure (PIP), Flow and FiO2 range.
  • Inlet pressure monitor alarm (cylinder empty).
  • Waveform representation of SpO2 Pleth and Patient Pressure.
  • Monitors apnoea and gives apnoea alarm for 12 seconds.
  • SpO2 Probe is provided for adult, paediatric and neonatal usage.
  • Oxygen enrichment, adjustable from 30-100%.
  • Continuous monitoring of oxygen consumption from cylinder .
  • Rechargeable battery for monitor up to 6 hours .
  • Compact, portable and lightweight .
  • Easy to use and disinfect .


Operating range
Ambient temperature 0-40˚C
Humidity 0-95% (RH)
Oxygen Fraction, FiO2% 21-100%
CPAP (PEEP valve) 5-20cmH2O

Moniter Specifications
FiO2 Range 21-100%
FiO2 Accuracy ±1% overall, No calibration needed
Pressure 0-80 cmH2O
PIP 0-30 cmH2O
Parameters SpO2%, Heart Rate, PIP, Flow and FiO2%
Waveform SpO2 Pleth & Pressure
Alarm Apnoea, Low and High FiO2, SpO2%, Low Inlet pressure, Low Battery.
Mute Yes
Flow Range 0-150 lpm
Response time 1-3 sec point averaging
Battery backup 6 hours
Cylinder consumption value 0-100 lpm.

Dimension (without packing)
  • HxWxD : 140x151x48mm (Approx.)
  • Mass : 950gm (Approx.)
Risk classification
  • Category : Class B
Oxygen outlet connection
  • 22mm male taper (BS 4356:2015).

Usage and Benefits

Oxygen supply pressure
  • 4 +/- 0.25 bars
Oxygen inlet connection
  • Schrader male probe (BS 5682:2015)
  • Patients having difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath due to covid, needs Oxygen support. This equipment increases the flow of oxygen to the patient.
    • Due to increase in flow of oxygen into the blood stream this reduces the mortality.
      • The system reduces the usage of oxygen by 40%.
        • It increases the provision to treat more patients, it reduces the recovery time due to which patient waiting to be treated will reduce.


  • ICU’s - Ambulance Care - Home Care..
  • To be strictly used with oxygen monitor / analyser.


  • Helps patients to breathe more easily and steadily. Can restore normal sleep pattern and increase overall sleep time.
  • CPAP is a possible alternative, while addressing the shortage of ventilators, to support patients with breathing difficulties, provided appropriate monitoring is done, and depending on patient's condition.