O2 Conservation Device

O2 Conservation device

Aries O2 Conservation device controls the flow of oxygen from the oxygen source to the patient. This device releases oxygen only during the patient inspiration and closes the oxygen during the patient expiration. This device saves 1:3 ratio of oxygen used. This device offers increased mobility and comfort to patients by avoiding continuous flow of oxygen into the nostrils.
Hence it reduces the wastage of oxygen during patient expiration. This device also monitors the patient's breathing pattern, detects and gives alarm for the condition called apnea (cessation in breathing).

  • This device is Suitable for Spontaneously breathing patient's use. .


  • Conserves oxygen.
  • Trigger mode and Timed mode are used to deliver oxygen to the patient accordingly.
  • No flow alarm when the cylinder is empty (Indicates in both modes).
  • Apnea alarm when patient does not breathe (Indicates only in Trigger mode) .


Flow control 2 to 40 Ipm
Modes Timed mode,Trigger mode
Alarms Apnea, No flow
Accuracy +/- 1 Ipm
Response Time 50 milliseconds
Battery 6-8 Hours
Charging Time 3-4 Hours


  • Ambulance Care.
  • Home Care.
  • Used during natural calamities .


  • Helps to save oxygen cylinder.
  • Enhanced patient response.
  • Easy to use and disinfect.
  • Compact, portable, lightweight and sturdy .