Oxygen Concentrator Tester

Oxygen Concentrator Tester

Aries Oxygen Concentrator Tester is a device designed for monitoring oxygen level supplied to patient circuit from Anesthesia ventilator and also for monitoring high and low oxygen limit. This device can be used with wide application areas like Anesthesia OT, NICU, Manifold rooms of hospital and Field Service in Biomedical Segment.


  • Diffusion and Ultrasonic Technology adopted.
  • Small size, Fast response, Stable, Great Accuracy.
  • Full Scale Course Temperature Compensation.
  • Factory Calibration, User Calibration not needed.


Working Principle
  • Ultrasonic Technology
FIO2 range
  • 21-100%
Flow range
  • 0-15 lpm
O2 Flow
  • 1 sec - 3 sec point averaging.
Detection Accuracy O2 Concentration:
  • +/- 1.8%FS @ (10-45) °C
O2 Flow Resolution O2 Concentration:
  • +/- 0.2L/min @ (10-45) °C.
O2 Flow
  • 0.1L/min
Response Time:
  • 1.5s.
Operating Conditions:
  • (10-50) °C; 0-95%RH
Input Voltage DC:
  • 5.0V , 2 Amp
O2 Sensor cable length
  • 1.5 meter s(can be customized) .
Life Span of the sensor:
  • >/= 3 years
  • 3.7V, 6-8 hrs operation at full charge .

Working Principle

Working Principle Ultrasonic concentration detection theory: When the binary gas mixture composition has molecular weight difference, sound travel speed varies from different gas composition. It has Wide Voltage Input, Long Lifespan, Auto-calibration and Maintenance-free.


  • Medical Oxygen Concentrator Generator.
  • Flow of Clean Gas Measurement.
  • Gas Detection in Binary Gas.