Conservation Device

An oxygen conserving device is frequently prescribed in developed countries by doctors, along with oxygen therapy, for active patients who may be away from home frequently. The conserving device provided a “bolus” or burst of oxygen during the Inspiratory phase of a typical breathing cycle. This bolus is provided to a patient with a respiratory disorder as a supplemental source of breathing oxygen.

Oxygen Analyser

The nsure O2 oxygen analyzer is designed to measure oxygen levels in the 0 to 100.0% range. It can be used to measure the oxygen contents for mixes used Medical Instrumentation and clinical applications. The Analyzer is designed to be able to verify oxygen concentration in cylinders as well as analyze delivery systems. The nsure O2 Oxygen analyzer has a digital display, externally mounted temperature compensated sensor with a 2.5 year life expectancy. The power is supplied by 12V battery. The case is environmentally sealed. The analyzer is water resistant and sealed to prevent moisture from affecting the internal components. The Analyzer is shipped in a high impact case that can be used for storage or other purposes.The analyzer is ready to use out of the box with no additional work other than checking on the calibration.

Ventilator EV600

Anesthesia ventilators used in the operating room were simpler than their ICU counterparts with fewer basic modes of ventilation. However, with the increasing number of critically ill-patients getting operated, there was an increasing demand for newer sophisticated modes of ventilation. With improvement in technology, newer anaesthesia machines have adopted many new ventilator modes. we developed modern anesthesia ventilator sophisticated modes like VCM , PCM and spontaneous


Medical Kiosk is an Interactive Health Monitoring device with user friendly applications. Medical kiosk is designed using advanced telemedicine technology and high end software programs. The device puts people in greater control of their own health, promoting a more proactive approach to health and wellness.


Non invasive mode of monitoring glucose for diabetic patients. We use optic method with in built algorithm to calibrate based on user type. The clinical trial as started for the device and we are integrating this as part of both consumer use and Tele medicine stack use.